Case Studies: Compliance TTSL


Company Profile
The Group has a formidable presence across the telecom value chain with over 80 companies, over 3, 30,000 employees. It was the first to launch CDMA mobile services in India. Some of the businesses/sales units were less productive and costs were becoming a huge concern.

Back Ground
To meet its aggressive sales targets; the Client needed competent & aggressive sales force.
High rate of Attrition, Revision of Training Sessions for newly joined staff, and exit formalities, continuous search for the sales force were harrowing nightmares.

Providers were taking good advantage of high attrition, making the Principal employer the target point of the enforcement authorities. Planman turned this challenge into an opportunity.
Initially assigned to manage app 600 advisors which shot in no time to more than double. It is 1500 + advisors PAN India as on date.

Apart from that, as a mark of confidence, Planman is assigned with other legal & commercial activities relating to its communication business.

Planman through its competitive Sourcing strategy team implemented the sales force on variable model, unique at such large scales and simultaneous execution PAN India.
In this model, the trained sales executives are engaged on (deliverables) output basis; the payout is variable and is directly proportionate to the unit of sales.

Planman provided Induction Training including information sharing on Statutory rights of the Employees & Benefits available under different Social Security Acts for these employees.

Confidence building measures were taken through constant interaction, grievance handling, helping them out in availing statutory benefits, getting their Provident Fund accumulation transferred or withdrawn, including the cases in which the certification of their previous employers weren’t available.
Planman complied with the internal compliance audit, and cleared successfully through the inspection conducted by Govt on the client.

Brush up Training Sessions: Planman arranged for training sessions for every sales executive after selection but before deployment. The executives were briefed sales methodologies and product descriptions coupled with personality development, communication skills development program’s.
The training brought overwhelming results and many of the executives achieved much beyond the targets and therefore absorbed by the Client.

The whole process worked as indirect incentive and improved motivation among the entry level sales team.

Lower Attrition Rates: resulting in improved efficiency and boosting sales

Constant Supervision and Control: Planman organized the staff into teams, each under supervision of a senior sales executive, which resulted into better supervision and control whole team into deployed supervisors to keep eye on quality of services, behavioral discipline of the staff.

Relief from Payroll Processing and Labor Law Compliances: payroll processing of the staff and compliance with other applicable Labor Laws compliances – enabling the Client to focus on their Core Business.

Decreased HR Cost per Emp: The seamless payroll processing decreased HR involvement and thus costs per employee. Moreover provisioning of a single window system for the entire staff was hassle free and easy to deal.

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