Case Studies: Compliance ICI paints


Company Profile
The Client produces some of the world's top paint and decorative product brands. The company has one of the main manufacturing facilities in India.

The Client, having worked with multiple staffing vendors foresaw a tarnished image of the Company, stuck in the quagmire of litigation.
Being the Principal Employer; the client felt the Damocles Sword due to improper handling of the compliance issues.

SWOT: Planman initiated the Cost & Risk- Benefit Analysis for the Client after auditing the Compliance Records, relating to the Contractual Staff.

Re-structuring the Compensation structure: Salary Break ups were re-structured across locations and profiles ensuring compliance under The Minimum Wages Act, 1948, The EPF&MP Act, 1952, The ESI Act, 1948, The Professional Tax Act, The Labour Welfare Fund Act, etc.

Risk Insulation for the Client against non- compliance: Planman took complete ownership for managing the Legal Compliances related to Contract Staff.

Creating Awareness / Increasing Efficiency: Planman’s Induction to the Contractual staff included information sharing on statutory rights of the Employees & Benefits available under different Social Security Acts.

Communication and Skill Development through Training Sessions, Constant Supervision monitoring of their daily assignments, ensured quality & hassle free services and behavioral discipline of the staff provided by Planman.

Focus on core business: Planman’s Strategic Staffing enabled the Client to focus on the core business mitigating the risks involved in managing Contractual Employees.

Re-structuring & Standardizing employee CTC: as a part of the re-structuring Planman standardized the compensation structure for the employees. Planman also increased the take home component for Employees without any additional financial burden on the Client and to boost the moral and motivation of the contractual staff.

Risk Insulation for the Client against non- compliance.

Decreased HR Cost per Employee: Planman’s taking over the payroll resulted in decreased HR costs per employee. Moreover provisioning of a single window system for the entire staff was hassle free and easy to deal.


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