Case Studies: Mcafee

Company Profile

Leading-edge technology; fast-paced opportunity; passion, belief and commitment that drive change and create positive IT solutions for a safer world.

With expertise in Intrusion detection, Malware detection, Spam & Phishing Security; they have evolved to be the world’s largest dedicated security technology company in the world.


Prior to the implementation of Planman’s Solution, there was a decentralized recruitment model that engaged approximately 40-50 agencies to fulfill their recruitment needs. Key issue here was the Time to fill these critical mandates.


PAN-India presence of Planman ensured that Turn around Time was reduced to as low as 3 days to fill up the Mandates.

Facilitating the most suitable country location of skill sets for the target candidate pools

Facilitating mass recruitment centers over weekends and holiday periods.

Development of individual sourcing strategies for each Business Unit; recognizing that in a complex Business “One size does not fit all”.


Recruitment processes got streamlined resulting in improved Turnaround Time in place specific to each Business unit.

Planman’s competency in Bulk IT hiring ensured the reduction in terms of the number of agencies engaged saving substantial times and wasteful activities..  

A vast majority of recent hires are exceeding performance expectations.

Planman was valued as the preferred vendor in about 4 months of its empanelment.

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