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Problem DNA Identification…

Rate between 1 to 5 (5 being maximum discomfort)
How would you rate the performance of the current Service Provider on: 
A) Operation Accuracy  
indicators: Timely payment of employees salaries & reimbursements
Timely payment of statutory dues
Providing accurate and timely MIS
Prompt & efficient handling of employee grievances
Timely placement & replacement of people
Maintaining up to date backup for all records
Timely receipt of results on internal quality audits
Sending periodic information regarding age wise account receivables status
B) Compliance Management  
indicators: Payment of PF/ ESI dues, with respective Authorities
Filing of PF/ ESI Challans, with respective Authorities
Adherence with Minimum Wage Act/s
Prompt settlement of Full & Final cases
Isuuance of ESI Cards (Temporary & Permanent)
C) Proactivity to Resolve Queries  
indicators: Updating all departments with information on budgeted versus actual headcount
Co-ordinating with Departmental Heads/ Line Managers for taking corrective action on findings of internal audit
Verification of Corrective Action
Sending periodic input at Macro level regarding Salary Payments, Complaince Dues & Active Headcount to All Concerned  
Predetermined Reconciliation Frequency Documented
Sharing of To & Fro Escalation Matrix
D) Flexibility to imbibe Functional/ Emotional Connect  
indicators: To co-ordinate with Departmental heads for taking corrective action on findings of internal audit
Providing timely information to the decision makers
Easy flow of timely & accurate information and proper networking with other user departments
Contingency planning in case of system failure
Assisting in reducing production / handling and set-up times
E) Account Management  
indicators: Frequency in changing of Service Provider touch points; from Serviceability perspective
Pre-defined schedule of Client- Service Provider engagement documented & shared with all concerned
Sharing of To & Fro Escalation Matrix
Dedicated Account Manager nomination & communicated to all respective Line Managers/ Stake Holders
Adherance with mutually accepted TAT/ SLA; objective being attainment of Single Window Operation
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DNA Measurement
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